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To regas or replace your existing struts cannot only be a time saver but a cost saver as well.

GV Mobile Strut Regas can replace struts on many different types of equipment including tractors, buses, farming equipment, boats, trade vehicles, truck and car bonnets and car boots, caravans, refrigerated display cabinets, hatchbacks, horse floats and even your lowly office chair!

Many struts with good maintenance, once refurbished can provide you upwards of an additional five years of use, even longer, it depends on how you treat them. Provided that your struts are in good condition, GV Mobile Strut Regas can simply regas them for you at a fraction of a cost of a new one.

We offer a choice to the customer, replace or refurbish customer choice. GV Mobile Strut Regas owner, Steve Addison said, “We supply struts in many sizes, and pressures for whatever your particular need is.

And if you’re not sure how to remove or refit your strut, don’t worry; we can do that for you, free of charge.”
Maybe you have a situation that fitting struts would make it easier to lift, we can do that to.

With free travel to Rushworth, Seymour, Euroa, Shepparton, and Tatura, Steve can come to you for a quote and free fitting. Call 0400 509 552 or email at steve@gvmobilestrutregas.com.au for enquiries and further information.

Remember, we come to you, home, office or work place or send to the shop, 40 Baynes Road Murchison Vic 3610.

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